What does it take to get to Heaven?


It was a decent day at Office. A decent Tuesday.

I got home and felt this urgent need to write it all down. So I told Mr Dinner to go on stand by.

You see this picture? I was handed over a pamphlet by a random guy (I used GIMP to quickly replicate the cover page). He never really cared to introduce himself but I decided to stay… weighing its potential to turn out as a nice experience. So I stood there listening and asked him, what I believe are, one the most difficult questions man has ever asked.



As we shook hands and left him standing there waiting for bachelors like me who would not mind a little tête-à-tête, I asked him — “Why? Why do you do this?“. He said — “We do this every Tuesday. One hour! Just to spread the love of God. To help people make the right choice!


The Booklet says (excerpts):

“Have you ever thought about LIFE AFTER DEATH?”

[NL] So I will quickly summarize what I learned from the conversations I had (I actually spoke to three guys). All humans are born with a tendency to commit sin (assertion: Who teaches us to Lie? We are born with it.). And God has this great rule that there should be Justice and all the sinisters are thus going to hell. So eventually everyone is. But then came Jesus. And he paid for our sins; and now that our sins are paid for, we have earned our ticket to Heaven. But OUR eternity depends on whether or not we choose to accept His free gift of salvation.

[NL] Then he got creative and gave me a fine example to support this. Pointing to the Sony World Junction he said – “Lets say you jump a red light and ‘the perfect cop’ catches you. What if you do not have the money? Would the cop let you go? But if you have a friend who can pay for you then he definitely would. So Jesus is that friend and he came to earth just to deliver us from evil. Now that the sin is out of the picture, all we have to do is to Thank God for his mercy and Pray —

“Dear Jesus, I know I am a sinner. I receive You as my personal Saviour. Thank You for loving me so much that you died for my sins so that I can have eternal life with You. Amen”

“By attending a local assembly and studying the Word of God, you develop your relationship with God. If you don’t have a local assembly, we welcome you to visit our Church.”


Things I asked them/Thought to myself:


Why do you believe in Bible? Why do you believe that what it says is true? Why do you believe what Jesus has told us is the Truth? Why do you believe there is heaven and hell? Why do you believe in a life after death? Aren’t these just ‘tools’ employed by the people who are either rich or powerful to make the poor and uneducated fall prey to their arrangement and strategically place them to derive benefits from it.

Think: 72 virgins

Think: Pundits

Think: Votes .. Politicians

Think: Man from Earth



Reminds me of “Who will cry when you die?” — By Robin Sharma

It’s a beautiful book; Helps you beautify your life as well. But is that something you would be concerned of after you have died? Would you even remember all this after moving on? Would you even remember your own Death? I mean there is no guarantee. Look at it backwards… What if we had another stop before we got here — this life — and what do we remember of it? Not even a word. And who says that there is a “Soul” in every living being?? — Well maybe the Demons who trade in them… But we cannot scientifically prove that.  

And Isn’t there an irony? Post death you are supposed to leave the materialistic world behind and move on right..? Why would you still want to look back to see who loved you the most? Funny!

Then there are dreams! Why do we see them? What is their significance?

There are just so many things that we do not know the answer to. And we have accepted this life with so many variables in it that even if God Himself comes down and gives these ideas a concrete shape, we still might not consider it to be as the “final” verdict. Maybe The Bible and everything they say is real but there would always be naysayers.



I never asked God to send me to earth. I don’t know about other people, but in my right mind I would have never done that. But if I was banished from heaven (of course if that even exists) and just to make things interesting (maybe just to run a practical joke on me) God made me forget everything as well (to make it easy or maybe hard for me to live here)… then right now, I do not even realize the true reality (if at all there is) and thus whatever I am doing is just something I am doing the way I would have done naturally.

So the point is, if he created me and made me take birth in that very family then isn’t there ‘destiny’ in play? Did He not know already how I would turn out to be? Isn’t He the one to be blamed (if not the situation) for my sins?? (Don’t bother answering that. I mean.. I come from Haridwar and that explains it all. And makes it a hypothetical situation right?)



What happened to the people who were born before the Christ came down to help the folks who lived in the next 2012 years? Did they all go to hell? I mean there is no other way out is it? And if souls are not recycled (they have one life on Earth and then depending upon how they perform here they are sent to Hell or Heaven?) then why is God still sending his own on Earth? Or maybe it’s since the time of Adam and Eve, and the souls collaborate and form new as people conceive.



Do no evil is something that is not to be taught. It should come from inside.

Now that belief system shouldn’t change just because you like Heaven more than the way Hell tempts you. Frankly I do not really care if there is a Heaven. I see it as pointless… as this world is. What’s the point of anything? Why do we have poverty? Why there are people who make it their life to help the impoverished? Why do we have people who cause it in the first place. Why the circumstances? Why the choice? Why? Just because one day God felt lonely and he created the whole world in 7 days? Amazing! (btw on the 7th day he took rest. Cool right?)



What’s the proof of anything? I mean what if we all are in a Matrix? Would there be Heaven? (I so want to write a big LOL along but it’s a serious question). What if in this ‘little’ good universe we find out each and everything that is there to be found and we keep living here like we do, would it bother us to not know that there were things beyond our comprehension? Or maybe this ‘little’ universe of ours is a very lucid dream that someone is having right now? Are we ever going to find out the reality? Are we comfortable with that notion of inability? 



If we only have one life (unlike what is claimed in Hinduism), how and why is the population increasing?

I mean if we go by the Hindu mythology then we can say that Oh there are so many species which are getting extinct and their souls are taking human vessels but then it would be even more counter intuitive as there are 84,00,000 other life forms your soul has to go through.. before you even get a Human form. And given the increase in collective sins of mankind it is funny thought.



(I haven’t verified all this myself. Just quoting them!)

Bible has been written by 40+ people.

Bible was initially written in Greek and Hebrew.

There were things that were told about Jesus
even before he was born. And then there are things told about Jesus after he took birth. And everything is in perfect symmetry.

The Bible has been studied and interpreted for more than 1500 years.


Contact the Church

There was a beautiful map with directions at the back as well. Only if I had that kind of time to draw it as well. Good that I do not have to look at the keyboard to type all this.

Greater Grace Fellowship

#317, 10th Main, HRBR Layout

Kalyannagar, Bangalore 560 043

Phone: 42084393

Email: ggfblr@gmail.com


Church Services:

Sunday Morning: 10:00 AM

Sunday Evening: 06:30 PM

Wednesday Evening: 07:10 PM

If going there helps in any way then you definitely should give it a shot (that’s the whole purpose of writing it down anyway. Everything is relative!).


My Opinion:

The Good:

If all this was really what it looked like — the community service — then it definitely is praise-worthy. Not just doing something like that has to be very driven but believing that your thoughts can change someone’s life so strongly (both the Life and Belief) is really commendable.

Talking to random individuals and answering their questions… I mean look at me, with all due respect.. I gave them a hard time and left from there giving them an impression that I would never join their Church but still they were standing right there.. waiting for their next brother who they think… should think about “Heaven” before it really gets very very late for him. (Oh! That was a really long sentence. Poor me!)

Also I appreciate the idea that God isn’t interested in your offerings — Sweets/Food/Gold/etc but instead He wants you to recognize his work and appreciate his creation (by not causing any harm to anyone and live with humility).


The Bad?

He wanted me to believe that “There is only one God! Jesus!” !?. Being a Hindu I suddenly felt a void. I mean I don’t even know that figure myself. Countless Gods. Countless Avatars. Countless Choices man. You cannot take it all away from me! And today was Hanuman Ji’s day. He is pretty awesome btw! (Please don’t ask me to prove that for you!)

So I told him that I believed in the existence of a supreme being, but suddenly calling him as ‘Jesus’ would be doing something I am not sure about.

While there are so many religions in this world, most of these are not insensitive to another. I mean it doesn’t matter to me if you call your God — Allah or Krishna. And it shouldn’t! If you are God fearing creature then you would “do no evil“. And God fearing doesn’t mean that post death… because of your Sins God will make you burn in hell. I guess it’s more about giving equal opportunities for everyone just because every life is equally valuable.

By the by all this is so pointless! o.O (I mean going by what I have written so far it’s pretty clear how I feel about this whole institution anyway but if it was so pointless then why did I even start writing about it? Makes sense? I tell this to friends at times that when you are saying that “You don’t give a damn”, you actually have cared enough to have said that… True liberation comes when you don’t even have to say that anymore!)

Having seen “Oh My God” recently makes me abhor all this even more. God is your friend!




… to my Whatsapp clan. We call us Raptors.




Dear Tumblr. You are facing the wrath of Sandy or whatever and you have missed the chance of publishing a Holy blog @ http://blog.nikunjlahoti.com. Worry not! God is great! I’ll be back.

For the same reasons I tell my friends to have saving bank-accounts in different Banks — “What if their website is experiencing a downtime? You are *essentially* broke!”.

Be secular. Buy secular!

Btw I am starving and so before even proof-reading it I am hitting “publish”. You can always point out something for clarification or a debate is always welcome.

Update (November Day): I fixed a few things.


Malaysian Quilled Flower.

This requires hard-work and patience and of course a lot of time to kill! πŸ˜› πŸ˜€
Vartika has it all! Nice very creative.


Hey This time I am showing you how to make amazing quilled Malaysian flower.

Malaysian quilling artists are really talented and they are very creative in making this flower and hence the name.

So here it goes

So what do we need: Take any color strip you want and you will need a simple quilling tool.

Then start by rolling the strip around the needle so that a closed loop is formed.

Here I have taken 18” orange strip .

Whats next ?? Put the closed loop on the board. This is the quilling board
and one can get it from anywhere.

This is done so that all the petals of the flower are of the same shape.

Now when you will place this loop on the board it will become a spiral and now you can close the open end with a glue.

Now put the back part of…

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Reblogging for the first time. WordPress is amazing.
Komal is a great friend. This is her first *public* creation.

Komal Shah


I needed a place, where love doesn’t get even a skosh less,
where there is no one whom I have to entertain or impress,
where there is no room for β€˜I guess’, β€˜let’s see’ or β€˜may be’,
where someone will just love me like a baby.

I needed people, who will not complain even a bit,
who will accept me even in that state of hissy fit,
who will consider me as most important & prime,
who will not be unpredictable and will not change with time.

I needed to feel, like I’ve never known what insecurity is,
like something is constantly a source of ample bliss,
like I am adored for being myself; not a thing here & there,
like something in me knows; there is that unconditional care.

I needed a time, when I can just sloth around,
when despite nothing special; I can always feel that warmth…

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My First Award 20100617

Bravo Award! πŸ™‚

I was telling dad that how I should get married as I’ve got a wrist watch to spare…! LOL!
Btw the other person (who got the award) is a bachelor too! Funny!! married people in the team were like booking us to take the Ladies’ watch for their spouse..! πŸ˜› Mine is a well knit.. Lovely team.

The How: 
So I was busy working at my station when suddenly just like every Spot Award, the whole team was called, DM, SPM, PM and all my seniors were there and started giving recognition. When the second was mine.. I was completely taken aback [I mean literally]! That was so funny. And of course I was very happy to accept the award. I joined the team like 6months back πŸ™‚ and wow! I would now be more active at WORK i believe. hehe

The Why:
A connection pooling issue that I fixed in the existing application and added another alternative C3P0!
Never thought that was kind of a big deal. But I’m really happy. My Very First Award at Office [and of course in past couple of years! I never participated anywhere I guess! hehe].

The Connecting Dots:
Some time back my TL, Atilesh and Sandip, cc’d my PM in one of the email reports of connection pooling, I sent him. Probably its because of that. πŸ™‚
Its funny coz there are like so many things. My PM, Shailesh, after we all stood up around my cubicle kept looking at me while he was talking about Vishwas, who got the other Bravo award. Now these two pictures above explain that! hehe.

I’ll keep this blog posted from time to time as well. Ta
Meanwhile I’ve been writing at http://nikunjlahoti.wordpress.com

Yearbook09 is "kinda" online!


πŸ˜€ Guess what has been made available online! πŸ˜›
The yearbook09!!



Cheers!! and do leave comments! πŸ˜›

Update: Yearbook09 is a book we informally (not with the college’s support)… created (designed)… advertised… published.. for our final year engineering students in 2009 (as a memoir of all our college life). Of course it would not have been possible without the contribution of the batchmates… we took a nominal fee (rest came from the efforts of the marketing team) and provided them with the published book.
300 copies were published in a batch of 450 students. Trust Me that’s a lot. πŸ˜›
The book contains:

  1. Contact info of each and every student (section-wise)
  2. Profiles (saving their current state of mind.. as “accomplishments, future-plans, I’ll always remember.. and general comments”) written by them [this is going to be fun some years down the line]
  3. KNOL-Poll (We had the final year comment about various things relevant to us and give votes for various titles like “Mr Handsome” and “Miss Attitude”)
  4. GroupPages (for sharing the fondest memories of your friend-circle with the world)
  5. Articles/ Poems to keep the spark and the theme alive!
  6. Chronology (all the eventful events happened during our stay)
  7. College ka Map with legend πŸ˜›
  8. Buddy Pages
  9. Societies/Clubs etc
  10. Class Awards.

To look at the individual pages (preview) please visit the Picasa Album.

Earlier Today…

Viewers Discretion is advised.
[Content Below can Bore you to DEATH!]
well well… πŸ˜›
I tried a lot to search for a certain someone called bai…!! 😦 but none of the bais thought it’d be safe enough!! :-/ [No Shiney Mentions here please.. I’ll get touchy]
[We are 4 guys in a 3BHK! πŸ˜› Brand New!! If you care i can totally flaunt more! hehe]
On second thought…. Do we look this ugly 😦 !!
Anyway… I thought instead of waiting for this “Inta paisa mein inta-etch milega” types Bai… (you know by now.. everyone in the neighborhood knows we need one :O … so do the security guys…) I put the wiper and Domex (Jo mujhe Virasat mein Bhaiya/Bhabhi se mila hai) to good use.
[Glad you asked…!]
The mission involved motivation and initiation (and a hell lot of VELLA-giri) and how can I forget the wiper [due regards]!! It all started this afternoon… when Batra was just leaving.. and I was getting exhausted from excessive monitor staring (24 Season4).. MehraJi was relaxing in his Jeans and Anup tinkering with the Rubik’s Cube..! I hit the space bar… Came out to grab some water and looked at the floor.. I paused for a while.. when I realized that I could take it no longer. Absurd epiphany and “Leadership by Example” suddenly became very relevant [thankyou Infosys for the word!] and so I began moping the floor…! πŸ˜› under the Guidance of Mehraji.. I secured the Kitchen…! and soon Anup joined and they took over. Please zoom in AND observe the reflection on the floor!
There was something else going on…. and to know that… here is the background story!!
Well the story dates back to the month of March (2010)… when Bhaiya/Bhabhi were here in Pune (India)… and I had moved in with them in their furnished apartment…! Things were going fine.. even better [think y!].. until one day… [what was i thinking!!?] I asked them to come upstairs and take a look around! “Heinous crime” as I call it. :-/ Since then “Ms Bai” mentions exponentially increased… “I needed one” they said..! “You mean the apartment needs one right??”!
To add to it.. a cousin of mine also joined their side and I was left alone with my Laptop [which is often addressed as my “Wife”]..!
In another exciting turn of events, Mom and Dad scheduled their Pune visit in the month of April (an attempt to have a small family reunion.. which was real FUN btw!). And so it occurred to them to see how is their younger kid was doing [that’d be me]… even though Bhabhi didn’t spill the beans [we respect secrets! πŸ˜€ haha.. eachothers’]! 😐 They would have seriously killed me agar woh pahunch gaye hote mere room tak! πŸ˜› 😐 so I tried to dodge, change the topic.. false excuses.. everything I could… πŸ˜› and this one time I even offered them the key to my place.. just to see how determined they were!! πŸ˜€ yielded and yay! .. I came out clean. Hope they’ll just see the pictures which I’ll “email” them!! [OH! wait.. what if they follow me too!! :O D-Day!]
Do check the images!! πŸ˜› and please ignore the obscenity! πŸ˜›
Well people often ask me (considering the popularity and the number of comments on each post) this question.. that who do I blog for.. πŸ˜› the Future-Nikunj, I say!

Update (25/04/2010):
I finally cleaned my room(as well)!

Update: 20100501
😦 I’ve moved to the Hall… !! Sad… yet.. Its fun as well! πŸ˜› Check it out.

[The KNOL] What if it wasn’t called CRAP?

So on one of my other blogs.. I was telling.. what were the names which initially clicked…!
πŸ˜€ KNOL is the (free online monthly in-house) magazine of my college.
Blog link at the bottom….!!!!
my thot pool
free for all
my space
my bulletin
e Creation
e Parika
e Rachna
my world
write all read all
channel W
Well that’s what we thought before we could narrow down it to “CRAP” and later “THE KNOL”!
πŸ˜€ When I say “WE”…. I mean.. Isha & Me!! Back in our Third Year….!!!!
and this list has some valid additions from Swati Dutt πŸ˜› [I think!]
Ask why NOW!!!
Ah!!! Was going thru my documents… Those were the times of OpenSUSE10.3. πŸ˜›
Thought its worth sharing and keeping here as a good memory!
Regards, [hehe]
Nikunj Lahoti,
System Engineer,
Infosys Technologies Limited [ting]

The College Bhraman!

Hehe..! I didn’t get anything for anyone! πŸ˜› well they deserved!! True Story!
Will probably.. surprise them.. the next time I meet πŸ˜€ [yeah!! no one read my blogs anyway!]

I came back.. last week and started working… πŸ™‚ Its fun at Office…! With mails like “Burger Party at my Cubicle @ 3:30!!”… “Sweets at my Desk!”… πŸ˜› I also took Pedas… and Ganga Jal.. when I got back after a long vacation!


(Udit, Anshul, Niharika, Mani, Ritika and Mukul.. and TheRedEyed Me! Back in the old cafe!)

PS: Vaibhav.. Bulbul and Mishi! 😐 I totally forgot to call you out…!!! Knol developments and Yearbook thing… ate all my time! πŸ˜€ But I had fun!!
PPS: After spending 4 years at my lovely-wified college…! Broadband feels like HEAVEN!!
PPPS: 23rd Feb, ’10